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someone started this going round again and i randomly had my phone going off every 10 minutes at like 3am the other day when i gained a load of random followers

so hello to you and a happy new year to everyone else

… this is not what i wanted my fandom to be remembered for



Levels of Tumblr.




1 follower = egg

10-40 followers = hatchling

50-99 followers = baby dragon

100-349 followers = dragon

350-500 followers = still a dragon

501-799 followers =  mega dragon

800- 4,999 followers = super hella dragon


These are the legit numbers.

I’m cool with baby dragon!!

I’m a dragon? That makes me feel strangely awesome!

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"result = a moaning ‘I cant get my pants on by myself caterpillar’ " 


Earth Cake With Rock Candy Core | Tablespoon


n a i r@世界会議あ11

venezianoitalia sent:

3, 4, 7, 8, and 9.

3. What do you like most about the character you play?

He is always trying to be optimistic and he wants everything to have a happy ending, and I don’t think there are enough happy endings in life.

4. What do you dislike about your character?

He can be intentionally rude sometimes. I don’t care for that. But they are all nations and all can be quite rude…except maybe Liechtenstein. I don’t think she could be rude if her life depended on it.

7. Do you have role models among the muns?

In the beginning I did for RPing because I did not have any confidence in myself so I really tried to mimic other styles and personalities I saw other muns using till I developed my own.

Now I just have Role Models for trying to learn how to draw.

8. Do you see yourself keeping this muse?

Yes. Sometimes I get moody and think, ‘Man, no one likes my character I should just stop’, but I get over it with the help of my friends.

9. How do you deal with writer’s block?

Lots of crying… Actually I really only get writers block when I am depressed and I can get over it after a few days a week at most. Usually only when I am off my meds tbh.

I have not really had a true writers block otherwise. *knock on wood*


1. Why did you choose the character you play?

2. Do you associate yourself with this character in any way?

3. What do you like most about the character you play?

4. What do you dislike about your character?

5. Has your character grown/changed in any way since being brought to the Hive?

6. Are you confident in this muse?

7. Do you have role models among the muns?

8. Do you see yourself keeping this muse?

9. How do you deal with writer’s block?

10. Are there any songs you associate with your muse?

11. If you could tell your character something right now what would it be?

12. Do you think you and your character would get along in real life?

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I just disabled that stupid app screen that launches in windows 8.0-8.1
I am sooo freaking happy now! 

I just had to share that. It was annoying the heck out of me.

OK continue scrolling.


i’m going to be 80 and still like hetalia

The Affinity of Heaven and Hell | Closed RP @ arthurtsunderekirkland


Even though the idea still chilled Arthur, on top of all that he felt a little more relieved. When hearing the words ‘warding magic’, the angel had a brief question of what they needed to be protected from. But considering the devil didn’t seem too keen on humans, it was understandable that he wanted to keep everyone out. “Ah, fine then…” he muttered with a faint voice, stretching out his wings which he had pressed tightly against his back during the flight. The angel breathed in slowly. Already knowing how easily Alfred could change his mood, Arthur would just have to conform on what he asked. He would have much better chances to get on with his task if he would gain the other’s trust. As much of it as an angel could get from a devil.

Arthur reached to ran his fingers through his messy hair, laying his wings loosely on his back. He leaned against the back of the sofa, taking another brief look around the expensive-looking room. The angel’s eyes got caught on the burns on the devil’s arms. They looked pretty fresh and rather painful. It seemed like something the devil should be able to heal, and it got Arthur wondering why he didn’t. It took him a moment to even realize Alfred had asked a question.


"Uh–… No, thank you. I’m fine. You already got me all that food and all…" Even if it was just a glass of water, Arthur didn’t want to be any more indebtedness for Alfred than he already was.

The devil drank his several sips of his water then poured the rest on one of his arms. He shook his head. ‘It is going to take some time getting used to that angel.' He set the glass in the sink, then pulled the collar of his shirt away from his neck and looked inside. His chest was burned as well. Alfred pulled off the shirt and started left the kitchen and headed for the stairs. 'I will have to build a tolerance to it.' The darker the soul the more painful it was to be in physical contact with an angel. He could build an immunity but it would take more contact with him. Alfred glanced back toward Arthur and his messy blond hair and white wings, then headed upstairs. 'I don’t think I would mind that.' The burns were more of an irritation than anything. Alfred had a dark soul but he was also powerful and that helped quite a bit. A lower demon would have died trying to carry the archangel like that, but to Alfred it was only a minor weakness he decided he could overcome.

Alfred stepped into the shower he had built large enough to allow him to fully extend his wings, turned on the water and let the cool water wash over the burned skin. Every where the angel had been pressed against him was irritated or burned. He would not be able to heal it, but it did go a long way to him building up his tolerance to the angel. ‘At any rate the more I corrupt him the darker his soul shall become, and the quicker he will become mine.

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