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Fortune Cookie

For longer, healthier life, never ask Arthur to cook!


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Fortune Cookie...

Maple syrup is the quickest way to Matthew’s heart!


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Never stand between Ludwig and his beer on weekends!


Send me “Fortune Cookie” and my character will try to give yours the best advice they can in under 10 words.


You are quite welcome Hun! 8D

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When you used to post fanart from pixiv how did you do it? Everytime I try to post a picture from Pixiv, Tumblr won't let me. Do you have a solution? Please and thank you.


You have to download the image to your computer. Then upload it. You can not use the link option. Pixiv has a block on that. Click the camera, it will open up your folders find the image and select it. It should upload. Make sure you source the the picture link and artist link

Here is an example of what the source should look like

Pixiv ID: 43996120
Member: まめた

Quickest way to get that informations is using sauce. I have an app for chrome

They have one for firefox as well. You can also go directly to the site.

For newly added images to pixiv, it usually takes a few hours for sauce to have the info.

Hope that helps.


by sy3


Pixiv ID: 43996120
Member: まめた

permission granted to upload by the artist


Pixiv ID: 32369033
Member: モリー
RЄ♏Є♏ßЄR ♏Є, ♏¥ ĿØVЄ | High School AU with dem-deutschen-volke


Feeling ashamed, Ludwig apologised. “It’s not your fault at all. It was mine, for getting too carried away. Even I can do that sometimes… I’m sorry.” 'Damnit, I am such an idiot… what the hell was I doing?! Even attempting to go beyond the boundaries…' 

He wondered if the chaotic stream of events that had occurred since he and Alfred had begun dating was the reason behind his slip-up, a changed emotional state, its cracks exposed and leaking. Ludwig knew he would have to patch them up pronto, or risk further shameful mistakes. In the meantime, there was no point in hiding the fact that they had gone a little further than most couples on their first dates. He’d given that much away.

"No, we have not gone all the way, but, I will be honest with you - we were excited, and we did a little more than kiss, but we did not go all the way. Please try not to think about it too much - getting more of your memories back is the thing to focus on. Hopefully then… it might not be so discomforting as it must be to you now." 


Alfred did no look Ludwig in the eyes. His head hung slightly and he only smiled sadly and nodded his head in agreeance. ‘Everything is my fault. No matter what I do. I should not have said anything, and just went along with it; then Ludwig would not feel like he did something wrong.' The American sighed. 

"I’m sorry Luddy, I’m trying. I really am." Alfred sat there motionless. His chest ached for the German and he felt like he had done something wrong. "Just give me a little time. I will do better next time. I think everything just caught me off guard and …and I am sorry I was overwhelmed." Alfred looked Ludwig in the eyes finally. "I like you a lot, and I don’t want you feeling like you have done something wrong." He gave the German’s hand’s a gentle squeeze. "I’m sorry."

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$5 commission for aph-alfred-williams​! 
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